4 thoughts on “Dumb Telus & Blocked Ports”

  1. Hey Om, I think you may have misread the article. While port blocking is a bit annoying, it’s not *quite* as bad as you describe.

    * They’re only blocking incoming ports. That is, they’re only blocking it if you set up an FTP, email or IRC server. You can still use FTP or IRC on a server somewhere else.

    * The article clearly says that they’re NOT blocking BitTorrent or eMule.

    So… really, all they’re doing is blocking your ability to set up an FTP, email or IRC server, which isn’t that crazy. Most people don’t want to do that anyway. Yes, some of us more geeky types want to make sure we can do that sort of thing — and they probably should have a cheaper option that would allow it — but this won’t impact your average user at all.

    If it does… they’ll learn to find another provider.

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