3 thoughts on “Dumb trends for 2004”

  1. What I find strange about these people is that they have access to trend-watching services, many of which are quite good and up-to-date. There are more than a dozen trend-watching agencies around the world and all he has to do is sign up with one of them to protect himself from this sort of public embarrassment.

  2. Ouch! That was caustic 😉

    But really, do you think anyone really takes “prediction”-type articles seriously?

    P.S. Even though the form says email id is optional, I was told later by MT that it was required.

  3. well the reason we switched back to email necessary is because i suddenly realized that the comment spammers were simply killing me.

    on your first point, i think it is strange if – someone is going to do a story on top ten trends, well be good about it. don’t waste the paying junta’s time by coming up insane ideas. i take these lists quite seriously when i put them together.

    now you folks know why it is missing from this website

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