5 thoughts on “Dutch Don’t P2P As Much”

  1. Well, having legal drugs and prostitution makes computerized illicit activities far less appealing . . . Perhaps, the RIAA and MPAA need to push to legalize prostitution (they don’t want to get into a fight with the pharmacueticals over drugs).

  2. Om, While AMS-IX is located in Amsterdam, it is much more than just Dutch eyeballs. AMS-IX is a great first stop for collocating Usenet server cluster in the EU. Within an 1000 kilometer radius of Amsterdam reside over 200 million habitants. What is the population of the Netherlands? 16.4 Million.

    The Dutch are big usenet users. WE at Giganews.com joke that the Dutch are such BIG usenet users that they must be backing up their hard drives each night to giganews’ usenet servers in AMS-IX before they go to bed 🙂

    Joking aside, broadband is driving usenet to new heights. The 19% figure for usenet traffic through AMS-IX is not an exaggeration. The Giganews Usenet cluster at AMS-IX alone pumps over 10% of the 120 Gbps AMS-IX traffic. Giganews.com is nt the only usenet provider at AMS-IX.

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