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  1. Om – I find these types of stories about the “hidden” parts of the Internet very interesting. Please keep them coming.

  2. Google is also building a big server farm in Oregon. Power, proximity to ocean (to connect directly to optical fibers) and land prices being some of the main reasons.

  3. It is said that 75% of the capacity has already been rented. Power seems indeed the deciding factor. In addition to the current power plant, two more power plants are planned nearby and a submarine high-voltage cable to Norway will also be built. More inforation about the park can be found at http://www.groningen-seaports.com/energyparkenglish.php

  4. This is interesting, but what about backup power? Do they have a battery system? is this all powered with DC systems, or to the have a genset to fill in in potential times of need. The power system is not infallible – yet we expect our networks to be.

  5. All these datacentre’s are build by SIG Real Estate in Groningen.

    It seems there are a few reasons why Google is interested in this region:

    • cheap power;
    • the location is well above sealevel (large part of the netherlands are not) although it is actually almost near the sea;
    • availability of a supercable (through the ocean) that Tycom provided.

    Last reason is very important too it seems.

    This is a url to how the datacentre looks:


    In Google Earth you can find the powerplant on location:

    LAT 53°26’4.18″N
    LON 6°52’40.07″E

    Google should be nearby.

  6. With that amount of server power running, I hope Google considers energy saving and environmental issues a top priority. Siting is definitely one of the most important factors that affect the energy consumption and environmental effects of a server farm. There are places with cooler climates than in the Netherlands and with more green electricity available. I would recommend anybody considering siting a datacenter to take a look at the Finnish website on these issues: http://www.fincloud.freehostingcloud.com/

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