4 thoughts on “EarthLink goes MVNO”

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  2. I wonder what Earthlink thinks its bringing to the table when it comes to providing mobile services?

    When I think of Earthlink I think of the Internet not a phone call to relative or friend. I could possibly buy into the idea of Earthlink selling an EvDO Internet data card but not a cellular handset.

    Successful MVNOs need to bring something extra to the table. MVNOs that simple sell dial tone won’t be successful. Dial tone is a comodity, represented by the incredibly high mobile subscriber churn rate. MVNOs that Go Beyond the Dial Tone and create something unique for their customers will have a fighting chance.

    Unless Earthlink comes up with some killer service it can use to redefine itself as a company I don’t see how becoming an MVNO makes sense.

  3. Earthlink finally just let go the last business sales reps for internet access & web hosting. So good luck trying to talk to someone American. I will be looking for another job. Proud struggling father wants to thank earthlink for cutting my financial expenses.

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