5 thoughts on “Earthlink Plays With IPv6”

  1. I mentioned this on Slashdot a while back.


    They started out delivering IPv6 through their modem connections quite a while ago. Sadly this hasn’t significantly changed the IPv6 take-up rate. It seems like we’ve all been banging the IPv6 drum for years and years now but to no avail. Aside from expanded address space, IPv6 offers things like security at the protocol level. Think of it like every connection your computer makes is SSL encrypted. This benefit is so enticing that it was back ported to IPv4 in the protocol “IPSec” which is commonly used for VPN connections. There are several other significant features of IPv6 though for some reason nobody here is moving as long as IPv4 is “good enough”. I’ll guess at a reason for that: because IPv4 has a limited address space, people invented NAT so entire networks could hide behind one real Internet IP. This carries with it a degree of security though because those machines aren’t directly addressable. With IPv6, they could be directly addressable, so some might see it as possibly less secure. (though, of course, if you know what you are doing and you keep those hosts firewalled off, you’re fine) I’m with Om here; anything to hasten IPv6 is welcome. My TiVO needs a globally unique address too!

  2. I think it’s important to understand that, using 6to4, your computer or router can use IPv6 with no support from your ISP. This means that users can start innovating on top of IPv6 NOW.

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