4 thoughts on “EasyReach, desktop access for Blackberry”

  1. Intellisync – the artist formerly known as Puma (Best performing stock of 1999!) got acquired by NOK. Boy where was I hiding!
    Puma was covered by another pumper and dumper – John Todd at that time with Unterberg – now AWOL.

  2. As I have stated in the past – the biggest beneficiaries of the information age will be the biotech ecosystem. Most of us tend to get addicted to devices, news sources etc.

    I urge you to start a biotech section of the blog. One of the biggest biotech centers in the world is based in your hood.

  3. Hi Om,

    I don’t agree with the following statement
    All one has to do is make sure that the desktop/laptop is left turned on……………..

    If he has his laptop turned on he does not need to look at the small phone anyway.

    Does anybody have a service that saves all the his documents on the web automatically (from PC/Laptop/Network/mobiles etc) and then lets him use any device to access those with a good search function?

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