6 thoughts on “Ebook sales flattening?”

  1. I like the idea of interactivity in some contexts like textbooks but for general reading I’m not quite sold. I think having interactive elements in a novel would be a bit jarring and disrupt the reading experience.

  2. *Rate of growth* is slowing after growing exponentially for several years. Growth is not slowing. In order for rate of growth to keep up the same pace it would have to keep doubling, which isn’t realistic.

  3. people were staying away from buying ebooks since Apple looked liked it was gonna keep forcing other sellers to sell ebooks at a higher price. Steve Jobs did loved gouging customers even if they didn’t want anything to do with Apple.

    Since Amazon smacked down of Apple, ebook prices will be reasonable again.

  4. I’d say that simply many people who wanted some already have them. I bought a few, mostly education-type, because they are easier to carry around. But I’m not buying more ebooks, because.. You don’t get to buy them! They can disappear at any time, because of a licensing issue, or because the company ceases to exist. There’s no guarantee that you will be able to read them on any device in 10 years, and, as we all know, you children won’t inherit your collection. In other words, I “buy” ebooks when I must, and real books when I want.

  5. They are not books. They are static TV shows. You can pay to view them, buy you don’t own them. (Sorry, hit “comment” too soon)

  6. they have gotten too expensive, costing more than the printed version and you can’t share them – what did they think would happen?? I am back to the library

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