6 thoughts on “King Ed The First of New AT&T”

  1. It’s a good thing I’m not a CEO. I’d be trying to sell the company the second my ass touched chair, if I knew a $30M buyout was in the offing. Om, think of all the scotch and cigars a man could buy with that kind of scratch! Who cares if I I’d be a pauper next to some 20-something who just sold his startup for $200M, I’m a man of simple enough needs for $30M to take care of.

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  3. Listen to this. I got a call from a contractor to work for AT&T. The promised to move me form California to Georgia and work for them programming. I did so. I worked HARD for them, but had NO TRAINING of their systems, and I guess was expected to learn it in a week with hardly NO TRAINING.
    YOU GOT IT! 2 months later I was FIRED because I was late ONE DAY bt 49 minutes, and I came in 2 hours on a SUnday on MY TIME to get my work done. Now I have NO RENT $$, NO JOB, and a family of 4 with no $$ coming in. I did EVERYTING they wanted, but I found out I was NOT one of their pets. Thing is, I did a lot of work for them I had to learn on my own, and THOUGHT I was doing a great job. NOW, NO JOB, NO $$ COMING IN, RENT DUE, and A LONG WAY FROM HOME. DO NOT support or go to work for AT&T. They ruined my life, and my family’s. I’m 49 yrs old, and been a programmer for 20 yrs. No I am so in trouble, I am praying GOD will give me a miracle. I just can’t believe a big company like AT&T threw me to the dogs after they move me from coast to coast, then decided I HAD TO PAY FOR THAT!

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