5 thoughts on “Big Data = Big Money: EMC Buys Greenplum”

  1. The same commoditization forces hitting EMC at the hardware level are also nipping at the toes of the data management software providers. To succeed, firms need to move up the stack, to analytics, where Greenplum has been aiming.

    At the same time, because big data is heavy — not easily migrated– the points of control still lie at the low end of the big data stack, at the hardware and software levels where EMC is dominant.

    Which is why this merger could give Greenplum, and now EMC, a leg up over other analytics competitors.

    1. Michael

      You know this market like back of your hand. I think you are spot on with this focus on “analytics” and that makes things more interesting. I am actually pretty surprised (in a good way) by the moves EMC is making.

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