7 thoughts on “Emerging Markets As Cutting Edge Tech Test Beds”

  1. Aparently this testing in smaller markets is a widespread phenomenon in Europe where the market is fragmented and risky due to wildly varying tastes and language barriers. Vodafone has typically tested many new services in Greece where the population is small and introduction was cheaper. Lots of those services have been quite succesful.

  2. Om..,
    I tink the situation is gonna change.. It may come to the shores of arabian sea 😀 with underwater OFC cables, better connectiviy, etc.. India will be the hot tech destination of tommorrow. now all what we have to do is to count the cities in India, which are capable of an expansion, an expansion beyond the limits.!

  3. I wish we would get on it here in the States. We’re supposed to be one of the greatest tech countries ever yet we’re failing in our basic backbone for our internet services. Come on.

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