2 thoughts on “End of an (Vonage) Affair”

  1. Everyone give a lot of heat to the incumbent PSTN providers, and there’s good reason for that because people are looking at Skype, pre-paid international calling cards, and the like and coming to their own conclusions that the PSTN is not a good deal.

    What people fail to understand is the PSTN was designed to handle a lot of things we take for granted, e.g.,
    – 911 calls being nailed up to the operator position so you can’t hang up – can all VoIP providers do that – I don’t know
    – what about power outages? the PSTN was designed to keep your phone powered during outages
    – what about major disasters, e.g., bombs blowing up things? the PSTN was designed to handle these requirements
    – what about traffic congestion and call gapping?
    – what about FBI or authorities being able to wiretap under authorized situations, etc.

    The list goes on and on, but all people care about is price until things go badly …

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