2 thoughts on “End of the Net, Longlive the Net”

  1. Any big ISP is going to have to build a firewalled private network just to try and keep the network running.

    The big advantage we have inside an ISP network is the tieing of IP addresses to physical locations. If someone is doing something bad, the problem can be isolated and corrected.

    I suspect that ISPs, particularly those delivering IPTV, will get more deeply involved in keeping home users PCs virus and worn protected. Not doing so could result in DDOS attacks that would prevent TV from being deliverec – not an acceptable result.

  2. John… good points you bring up there. I think with all these services we are supposed to be paying for, will mean that we need better network. internet protocol is good, open networks don’t know, and some sort of “quasi private nets” might be the way to go.

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