8 thoughts on “EQO May Be Done”

  1. haha i thought so that something like this was coming … however not sure its recession or lack of their business planning in this case ? any body got a clue to this ?

  2. “He also claimed that the company had 2 million users, was doubling every eight weeks and growing its revenues. Apparently, that wasn’t enough.”

    Or, more likely… it just wasn’t true.

    It looks as though the only traffic they’re getting lately is from blogs talking about them dying.. that last bump coincides nicely with Om’s article about their layoffs:


  3. the fact that a dude like bill thinks he can get away with this deception only reveals how little he understands the game they are playing. spinning is one thing — that’s what ceo’s do. outright lying about your company in public in ways that are easily auditable is just st00pid.

    no service with more than a million paying users would ever just shut its doors… there is always a buyer

  4. The fixed line business has had a large “alternative” calling sector for many years and it is still going strong. For example, Ofcom, the UK regulator said that it has issued over 600 codes for fixed line phone services. (Some operations have more than one code, but there are probably at least 300 different “operators”). And now I believe a similar sector is emerging for mobile. No doubt this sector will see many changes as it evolves.

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