4 thoughts on “Ericsson’s losing the signal”

  1. Om,
    The success of EMP(Ericsson Mobile Platforms) in the 3G space has to do largely with the success of LG’s 3G(UMTS) lineup. All of the LG U8xxx series phones use EMP’s WCDMA chipset.
    These phones have been runaway success’es for ‘3’ – UK’s first 3G operator.

    On the contrary, Sony Ericsson did not acheive much success in the 3G market till the Q4 2004 with the V800.

  2. Karthik – thanks for pointing that out. actually i was alluding to the Q4 which is when SE came into its own. As an aside, LG is moving to some other chip vendor for its 3G requirements it seems

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