4 thoughts on “With a New CEO, How Much Is Eucalyptus Worth? $100M?”

  1. MySQL came just before the Web 2.0 Revolution? The word “before” is absolutely correct…
    Perhaps eucalyptus comes just before the Cloud 2.0 Revolution. Who knows…

  2. Eucalyptus is a company that has a terrific business model and market opportunity. Unlike some of the nonsense you guys write about this is a serious company.

  3. I agree with the point that MySQL came into it’s own along with the web and became pervasive. Which begs the question, “Will Eucalyptus become the defacto open source cloud platform and will the same model of converting a very small part of the overall platform work for them?” Or am I not getting the nuances of their business? The question I have is the enterprise upgrade extremely compelling or do they need a huge user base where they monetize some very small portion percentage? I do agree that the technology is very interesting but is that enough to make a viable business?

  4. I don’t think Eucalyptus will have as much trouble making money as more ‘vanilla’ pure-play open source projects.

    There is a good opportunity for them to create an ecosystem around their offering, that offers them revenue streams from areas other than the core product and core support.

    This is ESPECIALLY the case for green field builds.

    Not to say it isn’t a challenge, but I think it’s much more manageable than say a SugarCRM or a MySQL.

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