One thought on “Euro VoIP Up, US down”

  1. Good thing about our service is we don’t lock the devices. It is easy for any customer to change settings for Static IP, Dynamic or PPPOE.
    We provide service anywhere in the world, which make us better then any other Provider out there. Plus our international rates are outstanding.
    For more details on how to use VOIP in India + Pakistan + Philippines + England + Saudi Arabia + USA + Anywhere in Canada + Asia etc
    Our sip enabled ATA devices can be configured for any kind of network architecture. Also you don’t need to buy devices, we can ship it anywhere in the world between 4 to 5 business days. Act now and save big on your callings to US or international, we provide the best rates.

    Support / Sales
    1+415-295-1927 (Voice)
    1+415-295-1928 (Voice)
    1+925-415-1147 (Fax)
    Web Site:

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