5 thoughts on “Even Faster Wireless Broadband: Ericsson Demos 56 Mbps Network”

  1. It is obvious to consider that more users will look at wireless broadband substitution as download speeds rise into the 50 to 60 Mbps range in the near future. It is the right time show by Ericsson.

  2. this technology should be deployed immediately; although it should be used to increase the capacity of the networks therefore allowing many more users at lower monthly subscription costs and more realistic FUP’s instead of simply increasing the speeds and keeping broadband mobile for only a few at sky high prices.

  3. Glad you mentioned backhaul, which is similar to when back in the day bus speeds and RAM were the primary bottlenecks to faster processors. Backhaul radios are something not enough people are talking about, tremendous opportunity there, although several companies have blown up trying to bring the tech to market.

  4. Every few years Ericsson comes out with a multi-channel version of some existing data technology and the world’s carriers collectively yawn and ignore it. This one will especially fall flat, as how many carriers even have multiple 5MHz channels in use for HSPA?

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