9 thoughts on “Even Silicon Valley Isn't Shopping”

  1. Om, I think this would have been expected in the current economic climate. Prudent financial management is generally a good thing.

    But do you think this could discourage innovation or force a decline in the number of startups in 2009? A lot of universities would be having their grants cut also – which possibly means fewer commercialisations from schools.


  2. Om, you would think that acquisitions would be more robust given how cheap many targets must be right now.

    My call is that 2008 was a shell shock year where buyers just sat out the dance. In 2009, they’ll be looking to take advantage of good but cash-strapped companies. I know I would.


  3. google has a lot of money on hand so its a bit surprising they arent buying more. but maybe they know 2009 will be a tough year and will need the extra cash to back them up. but yeah cisco is known to buy literally anything .

  4. Shaon Diwakar

    I think you have a point though I think we will actually see quite the opposite and see more innovation. remember because you are facing dire situations and lack of funds that you need to find creative solutions for your problems. on the college/university innovations, things aren’t going to be impacted as radically. I am not capable to answer your query about university-innovation coming to the market.

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