6 thoughts on “Evening Edition, an afternoon paper for a mobile world”

  1. I understand the comparison to NextDraft but they’re really not similar. I prefer NextDraft personally but anyway onto the key differences.

    1. NextDraft is an email newsletter and also now an iOS app. You cannot read it on the web. HUGE difference. Comparing the two is like comparing radio to television.

    2. Evening Edition is just top news stories. You could arguably amass a large audience by skipping the clever writing and instead just linking to more source material like Search Engine Land’s daily links. By contrast, Dave Pell provides you with a pint-sized New Yorker — and with considerably less bias.

  2. It’s a nice concept, wonder how much he spends on advertising (discovery) and how easy would finding a sponsor be?

    1. He is not spending any money on discovery and essentially is using the social channels to get the audience. I am not sure how easy/difficult finding a sponsor is.

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