15 thoughts on “Evernote Gets $10 Million in New Funding”

    1. To be clear, I cant answer your question without talking to either the VCs or the company: I don’t quite have the required information.

      I am actually surprised by the fact that they had to do another round of funding, considering that they were talking about improving financial and what not.

      How do they get to the valuation of $300 million? Well not sure: Admob got sold for $750 million with $50 million in revenues. (Not sure if that is accurate either.) That works out to about 15 times revenues. In order for Evernote to get $300M they would need to get to $20 million in annual sales. (Again, my caveat is that it is apples-and-oranges comparison because both companies are in different industries.)

      Yup…. not an easy mountain to climb. Anyway I will post after I speak with the company.

  1. JT

    Can you share your math with me and Hahnfeld?

    I am assuming you are using 500,000 subscribers @$40 a year. In order to do that, they would need about 12.5 million total subscribers and of which 4 percent are freemium converts to premium service. is that your assumption?

  2. “add new platforms” is music to my ears, as I am a Nokia smartphone user. Despite statistics that seem to suggest there are a few Symbian phone users, left on the planet, Evernote doesn’t have an app for the Symbian OS.

    . . . that is, they don’t have an app, if you choose not to count their mobile web site and their no-longer-supported IMAP connection.

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