4 thoughts on “Everyone is a Frenemy”

  1. Am I the only one who thought this article was going to be a story on a new social network called Frenemy? It seems like something in the style of LinkedIn, but with the ability to also do anti-recommendations and a network of enemies, would work well. It might be useful to know who your 2nd and 3rd order enemies are. Plus, there is the fun quotient of finding out that your 1st order friend is 3rd order friends with your 3rd order enemy. Any VC want to back my Frenemy.com (Om, you’ll get a cut of the action)?

  2. Jesse

    i think this is going to be an awesome network. For godsake it is the only social network not in place. I think i am the first person to sign up for this.

  3. Evangelist, I get a DNS error for http://www.frenemy.com . . . so, I can’t believe it would be very expensive to acquire. Please note that my real ploy is NTP-style — I’m going to wait for someone else to make this network and then sue them for IP-infringement. Much easier money than doing it myself and having to compete with Murdoch and the like.

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