4 thoughts on “Everyone is a (VoIP) phone company”

  1. This is a simple evolution of Private line market segment: PL, (telephony) VPN, FR and now IP technology. Long time back, this leading telephony R&D lab used to have TIE lines between its different locations. Then one day they dismantled it because it is cheaper to use PSTN rather than maintaining the TIE trunks. So, if the only objective of Heinz is saving (granted not an insignificant) money, don’t wake me up; the carriers will catch up. But on the other hand, if they are using sophisticated terminals with rich user interface and user empowering applications, then I say, ’ÄúRight on’Äù.

  2. I was interested in the story up to the point where it said they put there own fibre in. It would have been interesting if they were using the internet or some other spare network capacity of there own – but Fibre?

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