5 thoughts on “Everything’s wrong at Intel?”

  1. What’s wrong with Intel is that they are on the wrong side of Moore’s law. All their products are basically in overshoot status, and Qualcomm (a low capital, high profit, fabless chip provider) is going to eat their lunch.

    Two years from now, Intel will have all the appeal of a one-hit wonder from the previous decade on wall street.

    IBM and AMD are hitting them hard on the top end, and Qualcomm and VIA are moving into the low end.

    PS. And frankly INTC deserves this because they bastardized the USB protocol by making it host based, not peer-peer based like Firewire or the internet.

    PSS. No intel chips were used in the production of this post!!!

  2. Charlie, I think Intel, like Microsoft suffers from the two biggest problems any company has to face – old age. They cannot let go of the past and have to maintain their presence in the computer chip buisness, but this prevents them to fully strike out in other directions. Microsoft has struggled with their expansion plans and so have other companies. You really need to have the balls to bet your company’s future on a new technology. I think that is why one has to give much respect to Texas Instruments who took a painful and risky gamble on DSPs and now look where they are.

  3. Intel is moving towards communications as PC hardware gets commoditized. The investments by Intel Capital and its stakes in WiMax are a testimony to it. Two decades back, Intel moved from memory to microprocessors. It needs to move to communications but it is going to stray into strongholds of TI, Broadcom and Qualcomm. The shift is going to be daunting and shaky.

  4. And they have been a colossual faliure in communications. Look it is a different kind of approach a company needs to take when it goes after comm market. INtel doesnot have it in its DNA

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