61 thoughts on “Evolving My Work Life”

  1. OM – we are thrilled to have you join Toni and I as fellow Venture Partners.

    Paul & Caroline & GigaOM Team – congrats on your evolving roles and thank you to the entire GigaOM team for sharing OM with us.

  2. @RObert

    It was great to see you and spend time with you. Sometimes it is hard to verbalize but you are someone who lets people ramble and do a good job. Don’t work too hard my friend.

  3. Om,

    Congratulations. And I want to say once again it has been a pleasure working with Carolyn and other members of your team.

    And congratulations on your change of lifestyle.

  4. Dear Om,

    It is an incredible privilege to call you a Partner.

    From all of us at True, welcome.

    I continue to be amazed by the resourcefulness, creativity and talent of Carolyn, Paul and the entire Team GigaOm.

    Great entrepreneurs like you show all of us how to identify, attract and motivate other exceptional people. Well done.

    Jon Callaghan

  5. Om,

    Glad to read about the new developments.

    All we need now is another season of the GigaOM show. Video adds a level of personal touch to our interaction with GigaOM that blogs can’t match.

    Keep it coming, and take care.

  6. Congratulations OM.. Looks like lot of good things happening to you and Gigaom team. Iam more than poisitive that this awesome blog is gone be a big media one day. Wish you all the best for your grand vision.

  7. Contrats Om. Nice to see you blog growing. It is my favourite tech blog. But as I mentioned in one of your earlier posts also – bring back the GigaOM Show. We miss it badly.

  8. Congratulations, Om! This is really great news.

    Please also think of startups from Germany when you research articles or consider investments. Remember that Ciao.com, which Microsoft just bought for a whopping $468m, is from Munich. In Berlin we have Plazes.com and Smart2go, which now are called Nokia Maps.

    We have a thriving startup scene but the websites covering topic are boring and mostly copypasting press releases. An analysis like yours is missing.

  9. @ all …. thanks for the comments and your kind words of encouragement.

    On the specific question of the GigaOM Show, we are pretty close to re-launching. Hopefully once we can agree on the new set.

  10. Om, this is great for you and us. There is a big void in people writing about big technology trends. Gillmor still does it sometimes, but there is plenty of need. Can’t wait to read your pieces. And of course you will end up being a VC! Doesn’t everybody?

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