6 thoughts on “Ex-Facebook CTO Bret Taylor, co-founder Kevin Gibbs launch Quip, a new collaborative word processor”

  1. It is very clunky. It takes a while for changes to appear and it is hard for it to keep up. It just seems like too much too soon. It doesn’t strike me as truly innovative or useful, just another interface but nothing innovative at all. there is probably a reason why interfaces happen to be the same as those bundled when leg warmers were cool. its not because status quo dictates, perhaps it is because it just works. good try though.

  2. @Om – did you draft this post using Quip? I’m thinking not.

    I’m not sure that the mobile world needs a new word processor. I’m thinking that the PC world needs a good extension for mobile and I think there are a lot of great options. My mobile device will never be my core word processing device, it will always be an extension of my hard core desktop.

    $15MM? Somebody thinks this is a $150MM+ business? Not me.

  3. This is welcome news even if it isnt polished yet! M$ Office on mobile requires an “Office 365 subscription to view or edit documents, and Microsoft isn’t providing a standalone or free version.”

    I own an older version of Office and will NOT subscribe for something I own license to and so Microsoft is in essence telling me to Frak Off and Pay Up! If Quip becomes the service it is aiming to be and offers doc conversion then lets see how smug the schmucks at M$ are then when Office 365 dries up and floats away!

  4. I don’t see how this software is more useful than an evernote document shared with a number of users. Each collaborator of the evernote document can edit and create new docs in the same notebook and users are made aware of those additions/changes through the EN notification system.

    1. Boulton

      I didn’t really ask him that question but when I speak with him next time, I will remember and ask that question. Is there some specific reason you want to ask?

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