7 thoughts on “Updated: Ex-Moto CTO, Now CTO of Cisco Systems. Short Interview”

  1. Well,

    Motorola is in the doldrums today precisely because of lack of leadership from folks like Padmashree. While it was becoming clear to everyone that the future is not just in handsets, it is in morphing into a services player (Look at steps taken by players such as Apple and Nokia), Motorola is still trying to figure out how to make RAZR3/4/5. I still remember Padmashree mocking the iPhone on her blog! Hopefully, she will do better in Cisco

  2. Yikes, a very different tone on the Cisco blog. Padmasree’s Moto blog was a commentary of culture, technology and other topics. It felt like “her voice”. All the Cisco blogs say posted by “Cisco PR”. Lets hope Ms. Warrior brings a little transparency.

  3. When I read the note yesterday that CEO of Motorola is stepping down, one of the first thoughts that flashed my mind was, Motorola is not comptetitive technically anymore. What was that one innovative product that came out of their products/engg den in the last one year. Which in made me think, they ought to ask what their CTO is upto??

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