7 thoughts on “Exclusive: EMC Buys Pivotal Labs”

  1. Very interesting. I have looked up to Pivotal Labs while building my own Mobile Solutions Company. I am a bit sad at the demise of an innovative company, hope the deal was lucrative enough for the founders and the employees. In a way, this works well for us.

  2. Om – I don’t see how this offering is hardware as a service? PL is a consultancy with a traditional “belly-to-belly” service model – versus an amazon-like swipe your credit card, pay as you offering. What it does imho is allow EMC customers’ IT organizations to stay relevant in the face of being outsourced to the likes of Amazon and Azure. Good move by EMC but for different reasons than you cite.

  3. EMC owns SpringSource, which is a development tools and consulting outfit, and this acquisition is probably intended to drive the growth of that business unit.

    1. A critical part of the journey to the cloud for an Enterprise is to put core applications in a hybrid cloud. Perhaps Pivotal can help EMC turn that into a more standard or a quicker go to market offering.

  4. My team is an avid user of Pivotal Tracker. We’ve been using it for a couple years, but we we’re acquired by a big bluish company and it now violates corp policy for us to use it. And I am a former employee of EMC, departing my position shortly after being acquired. I can’t even begin to explain how Wrong this acquisition is. The institutional guys on Pivitol’s board really whimped out on this one.

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