16 thoughts on “The Facebook after effect: Pleasure & Pain”

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  2. That’s the way it often goes with APIs. The whole point of them is to get lots of new people using your stuff…but the potential of this new distribution channel is hard to estimate, and provisioning in advance for the load is even harder.

    I’ve written a few posts on the impact of the Facebook platform launch and how it relates to API infrastructure.

  3. God, seriously who cares. I am so bored to death of Facebook and Zuckerberg. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

  4. Facebook should add some quality control around their partners capacity or do something that ensures their users will have a pleasant experience if they use these third party apps/plugins/widgets. Having said that, for most startups these so called ‘problems’ are a dream come true.

  5. Is facebook launching all this new stuff to distract us from the fact they have given us no update as to how their revenues are doing compared to their own lofty projections?

  6. @realist,

    why do you think they owe us any information on their revenue? where did you find any projections from facebook? they sure would be interesting to see.

  7. That an interesting article, it once again demonstrates how many of the successful startups build on other existing platforms. One of the videos on my blog about the rise of YouTube mentions how YouTube depended on existing social web apps which contributed to YouTube’s success. My blog is at http://OnWebSartups.com

  8. I would still rather be developing platforms and frameworks to have thousands of users develop with than to be one of those users/developers…

  9. There is going to be huge adoption from the developer community and new, useful and compelling applications will rise to the surface.

    These new applications will act as a point of gravity to drive the network even larger. When i can live within facebook and satisfy a large portion of my online requirements is when this will become mainstream for people over 25 year old. 😉

    We are rating and reviewing these new facebook applications and widgets at http://www.facereviews.com

    Rodney Rumford

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