7 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Summit Day Two: The Facebook Seduction”

  1. It’s not just Google and Microsoft that need to get a grip on Facebook, we all need to get a grip on ourselves. Yes Facebook is a good site, but it is not the new sliced-bread!

    I would be much more impressed with the acumen of the big web players if they were chasing after a web site that not every newspaper and web site on the planet had been talking about for months.

  2. Om, the whole Facebook thing just goes to show that the secret sauce is communication between people.
    Now, how to make money out of that is another thing alltogether as people in communication mode are not prime target for ads.
    Personally, I’d start a Facebook voice communication service – using both VoIP and an MVNO model. That should generate a lot of cash pretty darn quick.
    But hey, maybe that’s just me.

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