10 thoughts on “In-Flight Broadband Gets A Speed Boost”

  1. I’m all for broadband, but I can’t imagine anything worse than widely available voice service enabling 100+ loud conversations in the space of a Boeing cabin.

  2. I’m skeptical about the VoIP claims as I can’t imagine the latency is too great after the satellite round-trip packets have to make. My guess is that they just tested it to make sure it was possible and have swept the bad voice quality from high latency under the rug.

  3. Skype in the First Class cabin? Reminds me of the old commercial where the guy in the back of a limousine whips out the off-brand bubbly, winks at his date, and says, “how do you think I got to be so rich?”

  4. Amazing….This will be the best thing as far as internet surfing/chatting is concerned, but for Voice Calls I think something needs to be thought. We can’t have 100+ ppl talking…:-)

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