9 thoughts on “Akamai Ranks Fastest Cities in the US”

  1. Interesting — 8 of the top 10 states are clearly in Verizon’s home turf. That’s where I live as well and have enjoyed their 20 Mbps down and up service for nearly a year.

  2. Ever hear of Internet 2 ???

    Yeah it runs thru these cities at 100Gbps ! Totally blows away the regular internet and it does have a high speed gateway into the regular internet backbone.

    I think a couple hundred Universities have been hooked up to this for many many years.

    1. Yup, Yup and Yup. I guess that is why these cities are really fast and that is why I said that the importance of “educational” networks to the overall evolution of the internet.

  3. Those of us familiar with some of the towns highly ranked speculate that this data is highly skewed by the presence of Akamai servers on so many college campuses. If they are measuring speed between IP addresses and Akamai services, the availability of thousands of IP addresses on LANs where there are Akamai servers would be highly significant. In that case, the data would not suggest that college towns have high-speed services to households, but that colleges have high-speed local networks with lots of users directly connected to Akamai servers.

    1. David

      Check the comment about Internet2. Secondly, they have taken into account that each town has to have a minimum of 50,000 unique IP addresses to qualify.

      Secondly, Akamai doesn’t pretend to even say that this data is not from the connections to their network. GIven the sheer size of their network, I think they have a fairly good clue as to what is happening on the web.

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