5 thoughts on “FCC boosts Telco TV signals”

  1. Insiders also expect a legal challenge to follow quickly, since it’s not clear whether the FCC actually has any legal authority in this domain. Cableco lawyers are busy racking up billable hours as you read.

  2. In other words, yet another sop to the telecoms, something Martin has been doing for pretty much his entire tenure.

    Except of course for the rulings the FCC handed down last week about local telecoms having to let the cable companies and other VoIP providers attach to their network.

    Telecoms are expanding to video because they are losing their grip over the core business: voice.

    Which is inconsistent with the idea that it could bring more competition and be good how exactly? Cable company (and other) competition in the voice space has been good.

    Companies raise and lower rates out of exactly the same motive: greed. The quest for profits consumes most companies. The motive has little to do with whether it would be a good idea or not.

    There are local governments that have suffered “regulatory capture,” where the cable company and the regulators get together and agree to pass on monopoly rates to consumers. Monopoly cable TV is not a lot of fun. That doesn’t mean that this is necessarily a good idea, but surely you haven’t even made an argument against it.

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