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  1. Yes, I’m the founder and CEO, and yes – VJSE stands for Vertical Job Search Engine!

    I’ve fallen victim to the acronym syndrome – sorry about that : )

    This is truly a wide-open market with no clear winner, but national players (Indeed, SimplyHired), as well as regional organizations like Fetchster.com are ramping up service offerings and trying to win new customers.

    One of the things that has already evolved out of the VJSE marketplace is that we’re finally starting to see a level playing field for employers. That is, employers now have more options to choose from when trying to use the Internet as a recruiting tool.

    Visiting Indeed’s website I can see that they are offering employers the chance to have their open jobs listed on Indeed.com. I wasn’t able to find anything on SimplyHired.com, but I would bet that inclusion in their index is a painless process.

    Fetchster offers the same feature – if you want your jobs included, let us know. If, for some reason, your site can’t be spidered (excess JS, Flash, etc…), we also offer employers the ability to manually post their positions, absolutely free.

    With no inclusion costs, how can employers not want to use these services?

    Talk about leveling the playing field!! With the VJSE market, employers aren’t limited to paying the outrageous fees that major boards charge. This also leverages their advertising and recruiting dollars tremendously. SMB’s in outstate USA have the same recruiting power as mega-employer’s in major metro areas.

    The vertical job search market is in its infancy, but there is a lot of great innovation at work. Innovation drives competition, and competition is what ultimately makes for a better end product for the job-seeker.

    Adam Gedde

  2. The promise of vertical job search is suffering from a lack of ‘relevance’. Though important – too much attention has been placed on crawler technology, and not enough on the algorithms that return relevant job search results. Job seekers deserve better from job boards, job aggregators, etc.

    The team at Just-Posted.com has taken a maverick approach to vertical search … its search concept is based on a set of proprietary search algorithms that deliver unparalleled search results relevance.

    Vertical job search is ‘relevant’, finally!

    Jeff Tokarz
    Founder & CEO
    Just-Posted Inc.

    Tel.: (585) 315-2027
    Email: JTokarz@Just-Posted.com
    URL: http://www.Just-Posted.com

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