12 thoughts on “Finally, 100 Mbps Everywhere (If You Have Comcast)”

  1. They can’t even keep my regular internet at home up for a week solid. How do they expect someone to pay for this? Sounds good on paper but I’m going to see what other companies spring up with such service because comcast sucks.

  2. 100Mbps is a wow factor? Comcast is capping our usage per month.
    I assumed whoever wrote this never been to overseas. For example, Singapore, they already have 100Mbps unlimited broadband for home.

    Oh wait, they have fiber broadband for home which for $80 you can enjoy 200(download)/100 (upload)MBps….WOW…. oh wait, there’s one more, for $320, you can enjoy 1000(down)/500(up)Mbps…WOOOT!!!

  3. I call Bull$#!^ on the transfer speed for an HD movie in 5 seconds! At maximum speed, which you’ll never achieve on a 100megabit connection, the only HD movie you could download in 5 seconds would have to be about 3 Minutes long @720p resolution (lowest resolution considered to be HD). I don’t know many movies that short.

    Simple math:
    100 Megabits = 12.5 Megabytes
    Average HD movie (with high compression) = 4 to 6 Gigabytes.
    Average HD movie transfer speed time = 5 1/3 to 8 Minutes
    Smallest HD movie (with super high compression) = 2Gb
    Smallest HD movie transfer speed time = 2 2/3 Minutes
    **These are the maximum possible speeds on 100mbit. Real world…I wouldn’t expect more than 50%-75% of 100mbit during peek speeds, with the average probably much lower.

    Maybe my file sizes aren’t accurate. I am not sure what type of file they are referring to as an HD Movie.

  4. The price of Comcasts internet offer is about 5 times more expensive than what the same connection costs in Sweden. And the companies offering those speeds in Sweden are profitable. And there are no caps on usage.

    It must be wonderful to be an ISP in the US.

  5. CNN did a thing on this during the morning show. The best part was the woman saying, “the funny thing is that this is still not nearly as fast as verizon fios” and that they are just catching up to the rest.

  6. If South Korea can offer gigabit speeds to their whole country by the end of 2011, we can do better than 100 mbps.

  7. Comcast, Comcast, Comcast… when will you learn?

    I currently have your 12mbit service. I used to have 16 or 20, I forget which. I downgraded. Why? Because anything 6mbit or greater is just dandy for browsing and most everyday usage. Super high speed is really awesome but what is the point when I’m going to hit my monthly cap on the 4th of the month? The 250gb cap is crazy and until you remove it, nobody will buy your idiot-priced 100mbit. In fact I may switch down to 6mbit from 12. I already have to monitor my usage closely to not go over 250gigs/month. I would be more excited if they announced offering 5mbit for $20/month than 100mbit for $100

  8. This is America. Some portion of the population will always buy the latest, greatest, biggest, fastest newest thing. By initialy charging more than most people will pay, they hook these people into contacts at a very profitable price point. 6 months later, they drop the price to a more reasonable, yet still very profitable price point and another group will buy in because they percieve this as a “deal”. Finally (often years later) the service is offered at a cost + reasonable profit. The alternative? Unless the government takes over as your ISP, capitalism dictates that your provider put more effort into squeezing more profit from being as good as the alternative on the old hardware and wiring they’ve already paid for than investing in a breakthough that would change way Americans work and play online. As a Comcast shareholder, I respect that. As a Comcast customer, I hate it.

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