5 thoughts on “Finally, Bernie is guilty”

  1. My sentiments exactly. Ignorance is never a good excuse, and least of all for a senior manager of a company.

    Also, I was just wondering when the Board of Directors, the ‘Owners’ agents’ who were there to safeguard the shareholders’ interest were going to pay for this. They should have been the first ones to have been tried. Anyhow, I wish them really bad luck with the civil suits, and hope they are made to pay, at least symbolically, and barred from holding any future responsible positions of power and privilege.

  2. Ignorance is inexcusable but thats not relevant in this case. Ebbers was hardly ignorant – he knew every facet of his company’s operation. But like the chicken-shit he is he didn’t have the courage to own up to the truth. Now, where’s that other chicken-shit, bald faced liar: Ken Lay?

  3. i hope this is the start and none of the other crooks get away with any of their crimes, past present and future. i think if we could send martha to jail well its time for these guys also. what really tweaks me is that no one is doing anything about gary winnick. he is supreme crook of there was any

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