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  1. I would say it’s not the number the matters, it’s the content. I aggregate your feed along with a few other similar feeds (at the url below) so I tend to get much more then 9 new articles a day in this box, the number doesn’t bother me.

    If you are trying to find 9 articles just because you promised people 9 articles, then I would prefer 5. However, if there are 9 excellent stories out there that you feel we need to know about, then I prefer 9. So I would say don’t get too caught up with number, it’s the content that matters. And you’re doing a great job.

  2. Thanks Shadilac,

    I am trying to figure out if there is a number which is too much. Assuming we are doing good stuff πŸ˜‰ still don’t want to overwhelm people. thanks for your feedback.

  3. fully agree with shadilac, content matters!
    Probably the only suggestion about numbers: on hot-topics (e.g. google-youtube) probably collect few post in one (if content make sense)… but just an idea, don’t know if really make sense. In In any case Great job!

  4. I have to say that the numbers really doesn’t matter as long as the topics are generally compelling and content is greatly written. I mean I read a lot of magazines and articles daily and the part that differentiates GigaOm is the style of the writers stories. You guy’s aren’t just relating news but throwing the readers into it by asking questions and feedback (boy do I love the rhetoric ones).

    If more content is being welcomed, just keep the writing entertaining, and you’ll have no worries at all. All of you are doing a wonderful job.


  5. Guys, thanks for your excellent feedback. We continue to make best efforts to get the best stuff to you. But this is an important exercise, because we want to know if we are actually meeting the needs of the community.

  6. I agree with the comments above.

    Don’t be afraid to post as many relevant topics as you can Om. I aggregate around 15 blogs. GigaOm is one of 2 that I actually go outside of my Google Reader to visit the home page. The reason is because you and the crew not only post nice topics you all offer very nice critical insight into those topics. Also, the comments on each post tend to be insightful as well.

    Keep it relevant and post away. (More on the mobile content biz would be nice)

  7. It’s a great question and I’m glad you guys are sensitive to it. The Gawker/Weblogs Inc model of meeting and beating post quotas every day just doesn’t sit well with me. I realize it’s done for revenue reasons, but that doesn’t make it good for the user.

    The problem is that for users who hit GigaOm directly, it doesn’t matter how often you post. Could be 20 a day. But for subscribers, you’re right… you don’t want to “bother” people 20 times a day. The solution is probably some sort of hybrid where you publish all posts on the site but you offer two main feeds: regular and hyperactive. πŸ™‚

  8. I get everything through Google Reader, which allows me to scroll through it. The only one that bothers me with too many posts is Digg, where every time I look at the Reader there are 100+ items, and it’s daunting, so I may unsubscribe. It’s more important that you do different analysis from Tech Crunch, Tech Meme, Scoble, etc. I like to get a picture of what’s happening. Sometimes you all cover the same thing, however.

  9. Om, if you are trying to find some sort of tolerance limit, then it may be useful to change the question. I actually haven’t voted in the poll, not because I don’t want to help out, but because I can’t really agree with any of the options. If the question was how much is “too much” to use your words, then you may get more votes… I think 20 is too much for the main feed because I am not convinced there are that many things to talk about… but if you want to have a hyperactive feed as suggested above, knock yourself out, I will probably read it, but possibly only on the weekend. There’s an idea, a special weekly magazine. Not every story in a newspaper makes the front page. We have to trust your judgment regarding which stories you cover anyway, so why not extend that judgment to determining which stories are worthy of the home page.

  10. Mr. Malik –

    Don’t hold back. This is what you’re in business for! If it gets to be too much for us to consume… we’ll let you know. I suspect you’ll have to gin up a TON more great content before we approach that line though.

    Gerald in Tulsa

  11. While there has been some good feedback so far, I’d also like to add one more — please ,please where possible; summarize the content from multiple events instead of devoting a separate post for each.

  12. I receive 100’s of RSS feed new pieces from Business 2.0, Digg, TC, Mashable, etc daily. I simply scroll along until I find something intriguing. I think I speak for everyone when I say that it is not the number of items you publish, it is the quality.

    And so far the quality is good by any standard πŸ™‚ Keep up the good work.

    Jawad (Shuzak)

  13. Om,
    How about adding the ‘probability of adoption’ as an additional lens for the products you guys cover?

    I totally get that you’re covering the latest and greatest and GO’s analysis deligently covers the validity of a product’s claims.

    However, a sizable number of products coming out these days are predicated on how web technology allows you to do much cooler stuff. But triggering discussions in your analysis or comments on whether people will actually adopt a tool and why it might get a million users very quickly would be a useful criteria as well.

    That said, I would not reduce the number of posts. Its very very good, engaging reading.

  14. dude, keep it coming, as much as you want, but in this case please do consider a simple digg style article rating feature so that users can scan for top rated (perhaps as a separate rss feed? or feed the rating into the title so that it appears inside feeds?

    people read newspapers every day, so for me, if this is all tech, it’s like getting a copy of wired all day every day, which is nice πŸ˜‰

  15. My $0.02 on the topic of feedback.

    The 1st comment says it all — content is king !! As long as te posts are interesting, doesnt matter how many.

    One thing I would like to point out though — I miss out on the old style of Gigaom — you had a lot of insider stuff , scoops etc posted to the site. I dont see that more often these days.
    Also, over the last few weeks I’ve noticed that a lot of the posts on Gigaom and TC overlap.
    For readers like me, who frequent both the blogs (I wont be surprised if a lot of your audience falls into this category), this just means skipping over that particular post.


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