3 thoughts on “Fiorina, the head of World Bank”

  1. Great so Carly is going to become the new milleniums version of Robert McNamara? Effing brill. [soaking in sarcasm] Wake me up when the phrase “Sound as a dollar bill” rings even more hollow when the exchange rate is 300 dollars to the Yen. Okay so I exaggerate, hopefully by a lot. But I have to say if the World Bank lets Carly run them then I have suddenly stepped into Bizzaro-Land. At the minimum I would say its no World Bank of any rational world I am aware of. Perhaps there is a female version of the Peter Principle in effect here?

  2. it’s either carly or wolfowitz….not a great choice either way…yes,…the system is set so the more you FU the more you are rewarded…..I see this all the time in corporate america….

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