8 thoughts on “Web Goes Retro With Firef.ly”

  1. pretty freakin’ cool idea and execution. I can see this getting huge. It was also really fun to play with.

  2. Om,

    I like the concept, though I found it difficult to establish a dialogue of any sort. The bulletin boards of the past were very useful in their simplicity, and Firefly may be a little too much “gee whiz”.

    I’d use it, but I think it needs some work.



  3. The problem with these type of chat applications (I’m pretty sure GeeSee did this a couple of years ago), is that it relies on having at least two strangers on a web page, at the same time, willing to chat about the same thing, which really narrows the potential of such an app.

    Even if you manage to get enough people on the site, unlike a bulletin board, you won’t benefit from user generated content in the sense of SEO gains.

    Pretty tough obstacles.

  4. and another thing to potentially slow down a f*ng web page…

    you know, the funny thing.. akamai and other cdns have made a biz in trying to speed up a site’s delivery.. and these apps simply slow the crap down…

    thanks god for apps like adblock+!!!


  5. Wow. This looks really good / useful. Will definitely look at testing it on our site. Have been on the look out for some time for a good implementation of chat. Thanks for a great find.

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