3 thoughts on “Firefox Bets Its Mobile Future on Android, MeeGo”

  1. It’s a shame Mozilla is so late to the game with its mobile browser. I’m very intrigued to see what they come up with.

  2. Why not check it out for yourself? Buy a Nokia n900 and you can test Mozilla Firefox/Fennec out for yourself.

    If you want a real opinion of it, it’s nice. A nearly full version of the desktop browser. You don’t have to go to m.whatever.com anymore. But on the sad side, Flash is not integrated right now although I think it can be overrided and enabled with a plug-in. Also, it’s a little slow compared to the native browser because it not preloaded and constantly running like the default mozilla based browser, microb.

  3. I have installed the alpha version of Fennec(the firefox mobile browser) on Android. While I liked it (notice the word liked), it provided a pretty accurate desktop browsing experience but at a cost. It is a 30MB application, by FAR the largest application on my android, and I found it slow compared to the browser which comes with Android, and much slower than the Dolphin HD browser, which includes tabbed browsing, add-ons, and a ton of other features in a 4MB application while matching or surpassing browser rendering and accuracy. I would say they have quite a long way to go.

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