3 thoughts on “Firefox Bets Its Mobile Future on Android, MeeGo”

  1. Why not check it out for yourself? Buy a Nokia n900 and you can test Mozilla Firefox/Fennec out for yourself.

    If you want a real opinion of it, it’s nice. A nearly full version of the desktop browser. You don’t have to go to m.whatever.com anymore. But on the sad side, Flash is not integrated right now although I think it can be overrided and enabled with a plug-in. Also, it’s a little slow compared to the native browser because it not preloaded and constantly running like the default mozilla based browser, microb.

  2. I have installed the alpha version of Fennec(the firefox mobile browser) on Android. While I liked it (notice the word liked), it provided a pretty accurate desktop browsing experience but at a cost. It is a 30MB application, by FAR the largest application on my android, and I found it slow compared to the browser which comes with Android, and much slower than the Dolphin HD browser, which includes tabbed browsing, add-ons, and a ton of other features in a 4MB application while matching or surpassing browser rendering and accuracy. I would say they have quite a long way to go.

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