7 thoughts on “Firefox Looks Inward For a Creative Boost”

  1. I wish Firefox would focus more on performance. Memory leaks, hangs, and crashes have caused me to switch to Google Chrome. I’m also not alone in this. I get a lot of complaints about Firefox in my job as a network administrator and I tell them to just install Google Chrome. Google gets it in this regard.

  2. Chrome may have killed Firefox, but then again that death may actually have been self inflicted. Case in point, when I do try to use Firefox, I am often presented with some sort of almost Adobe-esque update nagging. No, I don’t want to update, I want to use a browser. Yesterday I was setting up a person with Firefox 3.6, which promptly choked on an import script, leaving the install useless. Maybe sometime we will uninstall and reinstall, but until then Chrome it is. Used to love it, but too often the fox has chewed on my hand.

  3. Jason, if you don’t want to update, then you don’t mind if the Russian Mafia winds up using your computer as part of a botnet, right? The ongoing updates are for security improvements as issues or exploits are discovered. Chrome, Safari, and IE do it as well. People seem to get upset if Firefox updates without telling them but that’s your other choice.

    Peter, are you running 3.6? It’s dramatically faster than 3.5 and the current versions of the various browsers are not far apart (except for IE).

  4. @Al

    Yes, I run the latest version of FF. Fresh profiles, no extensions, only 5 bookmarks. Still abysmal.

  5. @Al

    “People seem to get upset if Firefox updates without telling them but that’s your other choice.”

    Developers love to make this assumption and without backing it with any evidence whatsoever. Chrome updates automatically and without notification, and it is awesome.

    My contention: “People” don’t even know, let alone care, that they’ve just been updated. Now, I have no evidence to support my contention either, except that I personally find it to be an excellent alternative.

    It is up to those who would willfully inflict a crappy user experience to justify (and support with solid evidence) their decision, not the other way around.

  6. It’s true that Chrome is kind of more realible when you need to do something ASAP. But for eveyrthing else, firefox is still the king. I couldn’t even imagine living with things like downthemall, black youtube and google, save flv link, screencap, etc. Firefox has been kind of unstable lately. And last time i tried a nightly build i lost my profile. But its still the best, because you can adjust just everything.

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