8 thoughts on “Five fun facts from Broadband Wiki”

  1. Hello Om Malik ,

    I like your blog and am a regular visitor .

    I think most of the data that you are looking for broadband wiki is available in the web site /www.point-topic.com although some data is not free .

    The site has a broadband map too , but you need to subscribe to one of thier services costing almost 1200 GBP

    Well all that you / other team members of the wiki needs to do is take that data out there and present in a web2.0 / wiki fashion


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  3. Iceland with a population of 296,737…which probably is less than the # of people that live in one block in NY, can afford that kind of penetration and probably 3 Wi-Max towers and they are good to go….

    Now, with the geography and vastness of the US, which the telco’s and cable companies facing here, infrastructure costs are kickin their purses.

  4. 100% always-on Broadband will alleviate poverty through Education, in the developing countries. People will be better informed abt everything. Keenly waiting for $100 Laptop initiative to take off in a big way with Broadband connectivity. I’ve no doubts that this is the only way to remedy most of the problems in this world effectively and efficiently.

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