23 thoughts on “Five Questions with Skype co-founder Janus Friis”

  1. This sounds really exciting and I wonder if “the venice project” will have an api that third party developers will be able to exploit? This is something we did with skype at verbdate and with broadcast the potential is vast since people want to control their media not be controlled by it! Looks like Janus and Nick are about to disrupt again! Rockit guys!

  2. Level3 is working on a Video/Content Distribution system to bypass Akami at the Edge and bring CONTENT to the Consumer in real time…how does this differ from what the Venice Project is doing???

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  4. If the Venice Project gives us something else to talk about other than “how will YouTube make money” and “who is going to buy YouTube” (and despite the fact these questions have now been asked a million times, there are still no answers)… then it will be worth it.

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  7. Ok, what is The Next after Web 2.0 ?

    If Web 2.0 is syndicating, sharing and taking the internet to its elementary pieces, then the Next is applying activates between the elements of Web 2.0.

    If Content in Web 2.0 is an elementary piece, then the Next elementary piece is the relations per se, which are combined in the content, between such contents and which are linked by/via/to it.

    Imagine peers having their private “knowledge base” on each of their machines. Imagine each of the peers employs each other’s machines, but contrary to grid computing or distributed computing, they do so in short pulses and in a developed reaction, in which each of the peers forms and not only performs the tasks, while earning and ranking the trust of the others.

    If sharing in Web 2.0 is exercised by delivery of contents, then another scale of processing the information is opened up for such communities.

    For more about this concept, please visit my site.

  8. Glad to see another heavey weight endorses this technology. I have been testing similar technology from another company tvunetworks.com. Its tvuplayer has been my lifesaver.

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