One thought on “Flackville thinks…”

  1. I think your both right.

    Blogs are the new Black and Blue! vbg.

    Because thats what will happen to the hapless hacks in the PR dept. when they try to use their SOP bully tactics against this ‘unstoppable’ means of communications.

    Remember the bubble days? Every BP had a PR line item just to proclaim that they were ‘sophisticated’.

    PR dept? As the band Queen used to say “Another (dept.) bites the dust.”

    PS. Hey about that ‘Content’ post with Andrew O. and Martin. You know that was pure crap. Right?

    Those guys don’t have a friggin clue about distribution and content. I can’t connect the dots for them because its hits to close to home, but if people would just engage in some real thinking and quit the slogans, it would be a better world.


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