5 thoughts on “Flarion adds a little spice, in India”

  1. Quite interesting news. Any information on the band/spectrum they are suppose to use in India??

  2. A huge issue with the use of a proprietary technology such as Flarion is the cost of the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) . Though Om boasts of the massive growth of the Cellular phone market in India, one must not forget that the phones that cost only about Rs. 3000 ( US$ 65 ) comprise approximately 70-75% of all mobile users.

    Another interesting fact is that most customers prefer PrePaid services over a billing account. In such a scenario, adding the cost of an expensive access device would be detrimental to any business plan. Instead i believe the way to go would be Wifi. Since the CPE price point is already close to US$ 40, and the fact that Intel Centrino chips come pre installed with wifi radios. This would create a case for a pure Plug-n-Play for users of Wifi.

    Comments anyone ?

  3. Aditya..

    there are about 500 hotspots throughout the country already. Most major 5 star hotels have them as well the popular coffee-shops such as ‘Barista’ and ‘Cafe Coffee Day’ offer wifi services.

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