23 thoughts on “Flipboard: Future is HTML5, RSS & New New Advertising”

  1. Check out PadPressed.com – You can instantly turn your WordPress blog into an iPad ready browser based Flipboard style magazine.

  2. “And if the company wants to go one step further – it should build Flipboard-powered web sites for publishers such as ourselves – a good way to build more momentum.”

    There is a already a web-based Flipboard type wordpress plugin that does this already…


  3. This is all great news.

    It first seemed flipboard wanted to choke existing publisher ads.

    Secondly – flipboard is predicated on the assumption that the media industry doesn’t create a pay-wall garden around their content – which typically gets shared.

    Which would then reduce the content to just user-generated social media and blogs stuff.

  4. Flipboard is way over-rated IMO. I bought it and liked the idea of it but it basically doesn’t work outside of the USA, and outside of some very narrow news requirements. If your idea of “news” is USA today, then Flipboard is great.

    Also, if you have zillions of Facebook friends and twitter followers, then the Social component also works well. Otherwise …. it hardly works at all.

    The news that they are going to monetise the thing with advertisements is neither good, nor something that would make me go back to using it.

  5. I don’t know Om. From a personalization or context point of view, these apps seem to be the equivalent of Yahoo’s bookmark list or at the most, of people organized categories in directory style format also know as portals.
    But like portals they don’t take advantage of a computers power or the network like search provided for “personalized” directory lookups. We know the end of that story.

    In other words we are just seeing the beginning of personalized organized content. This doesn’t seem to provide the equivalent of search technology, this seems to be more about display, i.e. portal. On the other hand portals were a nice business for a time.

  6. Forget the iPad app. You guys need a mobile version of your site that works well on all smartphones and all tablets. Gigaom is one of the few tech sites around that doesn’t have a touch friendly UI.

  7. Pulse is already better than Flipboard at bringing in content from facebook, twitter and RSS. They’re also on iPhone and Android too. It’s a full experience – is this seriously what Flipboard has been working on for the last four months. As a user, I feel let down.

  8. Really? Well, if you can find 10 companies that will sign up for that $10,000 per year custom magazine service, I}ll deliver the beta tomorrow! And, it is all application-based, and the templates and interactions are customizable. In fact, we have built apps based on this technology. All of the apps in the iTMS are the exactly same application with different feed templates and internal data configurations.

    I’d love a good reason to get this going again! Sadly we focused on music! With Apple… Sigh. The goal was to import the assets of 100,000 applications, and automatically build 100,000 template-based media applications. The goal was also to provide web tools for smaller companies to customize the apps. And yes, we can automatically build applications if Apple will ever allow it.

    We built this nearly two years ago…

  9. Certainly the future of HTML4 is HTML5.

    Not sure what you mean by the title. As for Flash… Flash is way ahead in every way (Including a good way to animate). Point!

  10. In the print world we’ve had great, generic publishing tools (Quark, InDesign, Photoshop). Was hoping by now we’d have something similar for robust digital publishing whether web or mobile platforms/apps. Yes, we have fairly robust CMSs but beyond a simple blog layout (template) they take a staff of geeks to configure.

    Whomever develops a good, robust, flexible system this will own the publishing tool market for decades in my estimation.

    1. Correction who ever can supply this at a cost that more people than just the large corporations can afford, will own the publishing tool market for decades..

    2. I agree. Generic publishing tools are desperately needed in this area. I am sure Adobe and some others are probably working on it as we speak.

      I really hope that Apple comes out with streamlined iPad creation and submission tools that even small publishers can afford. Publishing would explode on the iPad just like it did with desktop publishing when the Mac and PageMaker came out.

      I recently sold my iPad in favor of the new MacBook Air 11″ and the main reason was I have been disappointed with the rate of quality apps and publications made specifically for iPad.

      I know it is early in the game for this stuff and I plan to get another iPad when the second gen version comes out as I miss it already, but I think quality publishing tools for the masses will help make the iPad a more compelling device.

      1. Not sure Adobe will be in the game – They’ve seemed too focused on Flash. If they could take InDesign and expand it maybe. My bet is more on Apple – They have all the pro tools for photog, audio, video and the expertise to do it – On the other hand, they are mainly focused on consumer level, mass volume.
        All the current solutions are too vertically focused and not really that robust – Need someone with a grand vision.

  11. Great article. Flipboard wants to do to the magazine industry what Apple did to the Music industry. But they still have to prove that the metaphor that they have created is something that user will really adopt (beyond the first cool flip effect). Despite being aggressively pushed by Apple, the iTunes ranking of the App is not that high yet. The next couple of years are going to be interesting.

  12. As long as the medium (Flipboard) is the message there is no future for peer to peer conversations. We need Yahoo pipes in a much more palatable avatar. Basically we need double blind processing of content. Here again the problem is that should the sheeple get content that goes through their system easily or should they get the TRUTH that can disturb a lot of stuff around them 

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