12 thoughts on “FolderShare, (Like) DotMAC for everyone”

  1. Interesting app – very creepy to be in a web browser browseing one’s own files/downloading them -> SEARCHING them using apple’s spotlight UI’s, without really explicitly realizing what this application enabled. It looks to be very helpful though – I start using a dual laptop solution next week, and this may be exactly what I’m looking for.

    The blog has an error though – the free version only allows for 500 files.

  2. I love FolderShare. I use it daily to keep docs in sync with coworkers in other offices.

    Error in the blog: Unlike BeInSync, FolderShare doesn’t limit the number of devices you can sync up – the free, personal and professional subscriptions all allow you to sync as many devices as you like. A great advantage!

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  4. Heard someone write here about Beinsync. It’s not remote access tool this beinsync, it’s more kind of a spyware.
    It simply ruined my computer so I had to format my HD.

    Shame on them, if I only knew where I could find them I would definitly sue them.

    Go away beinsync.

    If you do want to use a smart sync tool go for foldershare or logmein (pcanywhere is also great.)

  5. Both Foldershare and BeInSync are definitely not spyware. You need to understand your personal firewal prompts and realize not any connection request means it’s spyware…
    Anyway, I tried both BeInSync and Foldershare and I went with BeInSync. FolderShare is alright if you’re technical enough to be able to configure it, your firewall and your router. BeInSync is my choice, hands down.

  6. After the latest consolidation is there any point to try beinsync. I mean if microsoft acquired Foldershare this probably means that beinsync will close their gates in a few months, right? Then I’ll be left with no support.
    And again I read above that beinsync is also a security threat (spyware?!)
    Please advise.

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