8 thoughts on “Following 4G: The State of LTE”

  1. Sure, the major carriers all love LTE. That is because they are just now deploying their 3G networks and need to re-coup their investment while disparaging other, faster newtworks like WiMAX. New entrants that don’t have this legacy baggage will purchase the spectrum and deploy WiMAX networks now.

    The equipment makers are indifferent – all have both wimax and LTE products on the roadmaps. Its the entrenched wireless carriers with their capital cycles that are driving the demand for LTE.

  2. LTE is supposed to be a much more “closed” network, right? This is why so many software engineers/application developers are pulling for WiMAX since it isn’t as restricted of a network. The speeds & capabilities for LTE & WiMAX are approximately the same for both too, right?

  3. So if Wireless keeps improving at current rates and DSL stays with current technology, then wireless will equal DSL? Sounds like one of those maths problems involving trains and stations.

    Carriers are investing in wireless at the moment because of the higher margins. The improvements you will see in wireless are less to do with technical potential and more to do with earnings potential.

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