3 thoughts on “Fonality Dials Up $5 Million in Funds”

  1. Om:

    Thanks for the posting. Just wanted to let you know that, as a Mac user (and Fonality user), I can tell you that everything except Outlook Integration works 100% perfectly on a Mac. Our interface is web-based, and Safari is fully supported.

    And, look for our next-gen real-time client interface (“HUD”), which will also be platform independent, to be released this month.

    Dan Rosenthal
    Fonality, Inc.

  2. Om,

    The Fonality system rocks — I would call it early Voice 2.0 if that’s what you say because as of now it does only slightly more than replace legacy PBX systems. That said, the price and features blow away their legacy competition. They have a very smart team at Fonality and I can’t wait to see their next feature release. You’d be surprised how little features like emailing voicemails really turns out to be great in terms of associating email/voicemail and keeping archives not to mention saving me from calling in or checking my voicemail at the desk.

    I watched the Fonality system I purchased grow from 3 to 25 users over 12 months without any problem. It was one less thing for me to worry about as our startup scaled up. I know I was one of their early adopters and I’d happily recommend one of their systems to any other startup.


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