7 thoughts on “For Blackberry, the lucky number 7?”

  1. A “decent” browser will kill the experience. The browser has to be top notch, in fact the browser is the most important feature.

    I will never understand the hesitancy of RIM in buying somebody like Opera when it was perhaps an option. I doubt they would even sell to RIM now.

    If the browser is not at the top level the devices are worse than dead in my opinion, warm spot aside. I have a warm spot for Commodore, although I was fortunate enough to have an Apple as a kid.

    1. To be fair Nicholas, the 7.0 browser works significantly better than Opera does on my Blackberry.

      Always liked the Torch but the hardware upgrade for the Torch2 was much needed.

    2. The browser is the most important feature to you maybe, but millions of BlackBerry users – myself included, would disagree.

  2. Rim purchased a browser company who has implemented in my opinion the best mobile browser there is. RIM ran those benchmarks earlier in the year showing that it is faster than what the competition brings. I also like how it does not require the waste of space menu bar on the bottom of the browser found on the iphone. Android is just so bloated that even with top notch hardware it runs slower than a 1990s nokia. I feel RIM just reinforced apples vision of software optimized for a HW platform, thus providing a liquidly smooth and incredibly responsive user experience without a bleeding edge platform.

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  4. Sad to know you’ve lost your BlackBerry, but don’t you worry a Good luck will come back for you. RIM offers a lot of apps that we can use like web browsers, toolbar icons.

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